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Coaches (active)
Games (Results - Fixtures)
EUR Europe
 UCL UCL (2 teams)⌀1967
ESP Spain
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1734
 Level 2 (22 teams)⌀1523
ENG England
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1723
  3 Man City1973
  7 Liverpool1925
  8 Tottenham1912
  9 Man United1883
  13 Chelsea1835
  14 Arsenal1821
  45 Everton1698
  47 Leicester1696
  48 Crystal Palace1691
  51 Burnley1687
  56 West Ham1672
  57 Bournemouth1672
  58 Newcastle1669
  68 Southampton1652
  75 Brighton1631
  78 Stoke1627
  81 Watford1624
  84 West Brom1619
  86 Swansea1617
 Level 2 (24 teams)⌀1478
ITA Italy
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1647
 Level 2 (22 teams)⌀1423
GER Germany
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1654
 Level 2 (18 teams)⌀1429
FRA France
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1599
 Level 2 (20 teams)⌀1417
AUT Austria
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1501
POR Portugal
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1474
UKR Ukraine
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1455
RUS Russia
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1575
TUR Turkey
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1489
NED Netherlands
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1417
SUI Switzerland
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1475
GRE Greece
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1399
BEL Belgium
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1445
CYP Cyprus
DEN Denmark
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1389
ROM Romania
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1389
BUL Bulgaria
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1295
CRO Croatia
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1386
CZE Czechia
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1380
SWE Sweden
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1370
ISR Israel
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1305
AZE Azerbaijan
SRB Serbia
NOR Norway
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1304
SCO Scotland
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1250
SVN Slovenia
KAZ Kazakhstan
BLR Belarus
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1223
POL Poland
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1336
HUN Hungary
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1222
SLK Slovakia
MOL Moldova
MAC Macedonia
ALB Albania
IRL Ireland
FIN Finland
BHZ Bosnia-Herzegovina
ISL Iceland
LIT Lithuania
LAT Latvia
GEO Georgia
MNT Montenegro
LUX Luxembourg
EST Estonia
KOS Kosovo
WAL Wales
MLT Malta
NIR Northern Ireland
ARM Armenia
FAR Faroe Islands
GIB Gibraltar
AND Andorra
SMR San Marino

West Brom

Representing ENG England. Manager: Darren Moore (since Apr 2nd, 2018).
Elo: 1619 (Best: 1865, reached on Jan 2nd, 1979), Rank: 84 (Best: 2, 21 days in total, last on Feb 3rd, 1979)

#14001500160017001800195019541958196219661970197419781982198619901994199820022006201020142018Jesse CarverGordon ClarkArchibald MacaulayJohnny GilesRonnie AllenJohn WileRonnie AllenRonald WylieJohnny GilesNobby StilesRon SaundersRon AtkinsonBrian TalbotBobby GouldOsvaldo ArdilesKeith BurkinshawAlan BuckleyRay HarfordDenis SmithBrian LittleJohn GormanBryan RobsonNigel PearsonTony MowbrayRoberto Di MatteoRoy HodgsonSteve ClarkeKeith DowningPepe MelAlan IrvineTony PulisGary MegsonAlan PardewDarren MooreVicVic BuckinghamBuckinghamVic BuckinghamGGordon ClarkCGordon ClarkAArchibald MacaulayMArchibald MacaulayJimmyJimmy HaganHaganJimmy HaganAlanAlan AshmanAshmanAlan AshmanDonDon HoweHoweDon HoweJJohnny GilesGJohnny GilesRRon AtkinsonARon AtkinsonRRonnie AllenARonnie AllenRRonald WylieWRonald WylieJJohnny GilesGJohnny GilesRRon SaundersSRon SaundersRRon AtkinsonARon AtkinsonBBrian TalbotTBrian TalbotBBobby GouldGBobby GouldOOsvaldo ArdilesAOsvaldo ArdilesKKeith BurkinshawBKeith BurkinshawAAlan BuckleyBAlan BuckleyDDenis SmithSDenis SmithGaryGary MegsonMegsonGary MegsonBBryan RobsonRBryan RobsonTTony MowbrayMTony MowbrayRRoberto Di MatteoDRoberto Di MatteoMRoberto Di MatteoRRoy HodgsonHRoy HodgsonSSteve ClarkeCSteve ClarkeTTony PulisPTony PulisDDarren MooreMDarren MooreWest Brom

Last 4 years

#16002015201620172018Gary MegsonAlanAlan IrvineIrvineAlan IrvineTonyTony PulisPulisTony PulisAlanAlan PardewPardewAlan PardewDDarren MooreMDarren MooreWest Brom



DateOpponentClubWinLossRankEloRankEloResultMatch Odds(Leg 1)DrawGameElo points won or lost from that gameElo +/-ΔEloElo points difference including Home Field AdvantageAdjAdjustments due to English results in Europe76Liverpool1Sun, May 13th, 2018Mon, Feb 12th, 2018-115HFA: +55+0.62+127HFA: +6020HHome-Southampton37%33%30%16571631-11.5+16.2Bournemouth11627-92HFA: +57Sat, Mar 17th, 2018+0.3Arsenal (2018-04-12): +0.3 +63HFA: +551628-2.4Arsenal (2018-05-03): -1.5 Liverpool (2018-05-02): -0.9 Sat, Apr 21st, 201889-HHome-3.629%31%40%67-7.4HHomeAAway+2.3Arsenal (2018-04-26): -0.7 Liverpool (2018-04-24): +3.0 1581-21HFA: +53-2.1-121HFA: +641--+3.278AAway169318666%15%79%16231Sat, Apr 7th, 2018HHomeTottenham-190521%27%51%10AAway50%28%21%Chelsea40Sat, Jan 20th, 20183Sat, Jan 13th, 2018Watford1Sat, Feb 24th, 20188%19%73%Sat, Apr 28th, 2018230%28%42%Crystal Palace+6.81168455-134HFA: +568413%21%66%Sun, Apr 15th, 20181Sat, Mar 31st, 201821%27%52%2Wed, Jan 31st, 2018-6.81627AAway155710--383HFA: +5784-2.3Arsenal (2018-03-08): +3.3 Man City (2018-03-07): -0.4 Tottenham (2018-03-07): -4.8 Liverpool (2018-03-06): -0.4 22Burnley-304HFA: +5846-6.6Arsenal (2018-03-15): +1.1 Chelsea (2018-03-14): -2.0 Man United (2018-03-13): -5.7 45-5.9-8.71578120-11.315771688394HHome-251HFA: +589621%28%51%23%28%49%10%18%73%-393HFA: +51-158601604165142%33%25%0-167263-289HFA: +5516206%13%81%HHome-126HFA: +58+3.6Arsenal (2018-04-05): +3.6 AAway+22HFA: +5125311612891610Man United1604732159433%30%37%AAway24%29%47%Swansea+7.1Arsenal (2018-02-22): -0.2 Man United (2018-02-21): -0.1 Chelsea (2018-02-20): -0.2 Arsenal (2018-02-15): +0.6 Liverpool (2018-02-14): +4.0 Tottenham (2018-02-13): +1.7 Man City (2018-02-13): +1.2 Everton16643179-57HFA: +5511613-0331938Sat, Mar 10th, 2018HHome+9.4-AAway1647AAway-875--4.9Sat, May 5th, 2018119220-+14.160Man City1722-63HFA: +56+11.55590Huddersfield-1HHomeSat, Feb 3rd, 20181972Leicester1618Brighton-6Newcastle83Sat, Mar 3rd, 2018-

Premier League 2017/18

Achieved: 31 points after 38 games, Projected: 31.0 points after 38 games.

0510152025303540455055606570758085909510031.03138/38West BromLikelyhood to finish withpoints thanGames playedExp Ptsmoreequalless100.038/38100Man City81.038/3881Man United77.038/3877Tottenham75.038/3875Liverpool70.038/3870Chelsea63.038/3863Arsenal54.038/3854Burnley49.038/3849Everton47.038/3847Leicester44.038/3844Crystal Palace44.038/3844Bournemouth44.038/3844Newcastle42.038/3842West Ham41.038/3841Watford40.038/3840Brighton37.038/3837Huddersfield36.038/3836Southampton33.038/3833Stoke33.038/3833Swansea



Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
ENG Portsmouth58104-69+170.3ENG Sheffield Weds6080-95-162.2
ENG Everton86131-117+156.3ENG Stoke8499-112-152.9
ENG Tottenham94127-145+128.0ENG Aston Villa8087-113-110.2
ENG Leicester74137-102+106.9ENG Plymouth Argyle1822-29-74.1
ENG Man United94138-188+85.3ENG Barnsley3858-58-67.4


Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
ESP Spanish clubs23-1+7.8SUI Swiss clubs21-4-32.3
BEL Belgian clubs23-3+5.4GER German clubs21-4-29.5
ROM Romanian clubs25-1+3.5SRB Serbian clubs21-2-17.8
POR Portugese clubs23-0+1.5SCO Scottish clubs20-1-12.2
TUR Turkish clubs26-2+0.8


Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
Stan Seymour1541-30+76.8Tony Pulis1710-27-100.6
Cliff Britton2040-23+72.5Jack Marshall2128-40-90.8
Bill Shankly2227-24+71.3Joe Smith1813-36-90.4
Gordon Milne1633-19+52.1Ron Saunders2220-30-70.4
Gareth Southgate39-0+49.3Neil Warnock1719-30-65.6


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