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Coaches (active)
Games (Results - Fixtures)
EUR Europe
 UEL UEL (86 teams)⌀1241
ENG England
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1751
 Level 2 (24 teams)⌀1505
ESP Spain
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1722
 Level 2 (22 teams)⌀1508
ITA Italy
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1620
 Level 2 (19 teams)⌀1390
FRA France
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1584
 Level 2 (20 teams)⌀1394
NED Netherlands
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1445
POR Portugal
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1488
AUT Austria
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1475
UKR Ukraine
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1436
RUS Russia
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1548
SUI Switzerland
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1460
CRO Croatia
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1402
CZE Czechia
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1402
GRE Greece
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1382
BEL Belgium
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1444
TUR Turkey
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1448
CYP Cyprus
DEN Denmark
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1388
SCO Scotland
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1317
SWE Sweden
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1379
ROM Romania
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1360
ISR Israel
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1300
BUL Bulgaria
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1287
SRB Serbia
KAZ Kazakhstan
GER Germany
 Level 2 (16 teams)⌀1450
BLR Belarus
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1242
NOR Norway
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1335
HUN Hungary
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1286
AZE Azerbaijan
SVN Slovenia
POL Poland
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1341
SLK Slovakia
MOL Moldova
MAC North Macedonia
BHZ Bosnia-Herzegovina
LAT Latvia
LIT Lithuania
IRL Ireland
GEO Georgia
LUX Luxembourg
FIN Finland
ALB Albania
ISL Iceland
ARM Armenia
MNT Montenegro
EST Estonia
MLT Malta
KOS Kosovo
NIR Northern Ireland
WAL Wales
FAR Faroe Islands
GIB Gibraltar
AND Andorra
SMR San Marino

Data and sources

These rankings are based entirely on football results.

International results on records come from the former Coppa Latina, the European Cup, the Cup Winners' Cup and the UEFA Cup as well as the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. Neither the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, nor the UEFA Intertoto Cup are taken into account simply because not all of the participants have played or play these competitions seriously.

Domestic league results are taken into account (see below table) and 2nd league results from the big 5 associations (Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France). Post-season-playoffs are included as long as all participants have played in a covered league in that season. National cup games are not included, because firstly it is unknown what reputation the national cup has in each league and secondly because many games would involve clubs whose Elo value estimation would be pure speculation.

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