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Coaches (active)
Games (Results - Fixtures)
EUR Europe
 UCL UCL (2 teams)⌀1966
 UEL UEL (2 teams)⌀1874
ENG England
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1751
 Level 2 (24 teams)⌀1505
ESP Spain
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1721
 Level 2 (22 teams)⌀1508
GER Germany
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1678
 Level 2 (18 teams)⌀1459
ITA Italy
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1620
 Level 2 (19 teams)⌀1391
FRA France
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1584
 Level 2 (20 teams)⌀1395
NED Netherlands
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1445
POR Portugal
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1488
AUT Austria
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1475
UKR Ukraine
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1436
SUI Switzerland
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1457
RUS Russia
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1544
CRO Croatia
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1398
CZE Czechia
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1398
BEL Belgium
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1443
TUR Turkey
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1448
CYP Cyprus
DEN Denmark
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1388
SCO Scotland
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1299
  St Johnstone1263
  Dundee United1215
  St Mirren1200
SRB Serbia
SWE Sweden
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1379
ROM Romania
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1359
ISR Israel
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1293
BUL Bulgaria
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1276
KAZ Kazakhstan
BLR Belarus
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1253
NOR Norway
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1337
SVN Slovenia
AZE Azerbaijan
HUN Hungary
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1265
SLK Slovakia
POL Poland
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1317
MOL Moldova
MAC Macedonia
GRE Greece
 Level 1 (2 teams)⌀1280
LIT Lithuania
IRL Ireland
LUX Luxembourg
ALB Albania
BHZ Bosnia-Herzegovina
ISL Iceland
LAT Latvia
FIN Finland
GEO Georgia
ARM Armenia
KOS Kosovo
MNT Montenegro
EST Estonia
MLT Malta
WAL Wales
NIR Northern Ireland
FAR Faroe Islands
GIB Gibraltar
AND Andorra
SMR San Marino


Representing SCO Scotland. Manager: Neil Lennon (since Feb 26th, 2019).
Elo: 1570 (Best: 1925, reached on Mar 9th, 1969), Rank: None (Best: 1, 533 days in total, last on Apr 29th, 1972)

#15001600170018001900195019541958196219661970197419781982198619901994199820022006201020142018Liam BradyLou MacariTommy BurnsWim JansenJozef VenglošJohn BarnesKenny DalglishTony MowbrayRonny DeilaBrendan RodgersNeil LennonJimmyJimmy McGroryMcGroryJimmy McGroryJockJock SteinSteinJock SteinBillyBilly McNeillMcNeillBilly McNeillDavidDavid HayHayDavid HayBBilly McNeillMBilly McNeillLLiam BradyBLiam BradyTTommy BurnsBTommy BurnsWWim JansenJWim JansenJJozef VenglošVJozef VenglošMartinMartin O'NeillO'NeillMartin O'NeillGGordon StrachanSGordon StrachanNeilNeil LennonLennonNeil LennonRRonny DeilaDRonny DeilaBBrendan RodgersRBrendan RodgersCeltic

Last 4 years

#16002016201720182019RonnyRonny DeilaDeilaRonny DeilaBrendanBrendan RodgersRodgersBrendan RodgersNeilNeil LennonLennonNeil LennonCeltic



DateOpponentClubWinLossRankEloRankEloResultMatch Odds(Leg 1)DrawGameElo points won or lost from that gameElo +/-ΔEloElo points difference including Home Field AdvantageAdjAdjustments due to Scottish results in Europe02-Sat, Mar 9th, 2019-1260--2)--12.63Livingston0AAway-80%14%7%1574Sat, May 4th, 2019Sun, May 12th, 20190HHome13411-2.5Celtic (2019-02-14): -2.5 Rangers+329HFA: +391284Sun, Feb 24th, 20191KilmarnockWed, Feb 6th, 201963%23%15%1370-124HFA: +922-Hibernian1512+224HFA: +38Thu, Feb 14th, 2019179271%19%10%+365HFA: +43+157HFA: +40+4.3Dundee+1.9016Wed, Apr 3rd, 20190139813931573Aberdeen0Sun, Apr 21st, 2019+3.4-2MotherwellValenciaHeartsHHomeValencia0HHome1575-7.81580-+8.5HHome73%18%9%AAway151574HHome12+274HFA: +421569--4.94+240HFA: +400AAway+5.050%27%22%Hearts1579--0.7AAway1Sun, Mar 17th, 2019HHome-Aberdeen1574Sun, Mar 31st, 2019+1.4AAway1Sun, Feb 17th, 2019Wed, Feb 27th, 2019+3.1+327HFA: +44-0.4Celtic (2019-02-21): -0.4 175%16%8%1162Thu, Feb 21st, 2019131378%15%7%52%27%21%1804HHome+373HFA: +39+3.2+376HFA: +421162Hibernian79%14%7%AAwayAAway-(01577-15811377+1.9-4.254%27%19%2St Mirren12-5.7-+129HFA: +41HHome01.3% after98.7% after18.5%81.5%Rangers128501573157054%27%19%213741570Kilmarnock0.0% after100.0% after1.5%98.5%39%29%33%61%24%15%011582+223HFA: +390+133HFA: +41015741487Sun, May 19th, 2019157664%23%13%-321HFA: +90Sat, Apr 27th, 2019-AAwaySat, Apr 6th, 2019+156HFA: +40+29HFA: +40-00+3.0



Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
SCO St Mirren141338-110+165.8SCO Third Lanark3053-53-80.7
SCO Clyde48154-51+152.2SCO Rangers218283-300-77.8
SCO Partick118270-120+89.7SCO Queen of the South2856-43-63.7
SCO Kilmarnock150343-120+83.4SCO Motherwell204446-197-52.3
SCO Airdrieonians62171-51+73.2SCO St Johnstone106242-93-51.7


Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
ENG English clubs2022-24+54.9SUI Swiss clubs1832-22-65.3
BEL Belgian clubs812-5+31.2POL Polish clubs43-10-51.4
RUS Russian clubs810-9+26.0AUT Austrian clubs1219-27-44.3
POR Portugese clubs2328-27+20.1GER German clubs2417-34-35.6
KAZ Kazakh clubs614-8+16.4GRE Greek clubs43-6-31.8


Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
Jim Jefferies64154-53+103.9Tommy Walker3149-62-68.0
Alex Miller59115-46+87.9Tommy McLean5082-47-62.8
Bobby Ancell2672-30+85.9Craig Levein3468-30-58.9
Hugh Shaw2959-48+69.3Jim Leishman1224-8-56.2
Bob Shankly3267-33+64.6Jim McLean79115-93-55.3


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