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Coaches (active)
Games (Results - Fixtures)
EUR Europe
 UCL UCL (16 teams)⌀1864
 UEL UEL (26 teams)⌀1662
ESP Spain
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1723
 Level 2 (22 teams)⌀1533
GER Germany
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1702
 Level 2 (18 teams)⌀1477
ITA Italy
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1636
 Level 2 (22 teams)⌀1421
FRA France
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1621
 Level 2 (20 teams)⌀1429
  Le Havre1460
  Red Star1402
ENG England
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1704
 Level 2 (24 teams)⌀1462
UKR Ukraine
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1497
POR Portugal
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1493
RUS Russia
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1571
NED Netherlands
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1442
BEL Belgium
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1496
TUR Turkey
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1487
SUI Switzerland
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1469
DEN Denmark
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1411
AUT Austria
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1481
GRE Greece
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1383
CZE Czechia
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1414
SCO Scotland
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1288
CRO Croatia
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1363
ISR Israel
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1346
CYP Cyprus
BUL Bulgaria
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1218
ROM Romania
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1405
POL Poland
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1355
SWE Sweden
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1344
NOR Norway
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1310
AZE Azerbaijan
SRB Serbia
BLR Belarus
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1232
SVN Slovenia
KAZ Kazakhstan
SLK Slovakia
HUN Hungary
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1229
MOL Moldova
FIN Finland
IRL Ireland
MAC Macedonia
ALB Albania
ISL Iceland
BHZ Bosnia-Herzegovina
LAT Latvia
GEO Georgia
MNT Montenegro
EST Estonia
LIT Lithuania
MLT Malta
LUX Luxembourg
ARM Armenia
NIR Northern Ireland
WAL Wales
GIB Gibraltar
FAR Faroe Islands
AND Andorra
SMR San Marino


Representing FRA France. Coach: Jean-Louis Garcia (since Jul 1st, 2016).
Elo: 1455 (Best: 1682, reached on Nov 19th, 2001), Rank: None (Best: 65, 2 days in total, last on Nov 22nd, 2001)

#1400150016001700194619501954195819621966197019741978198219861990199419982002200620102014René PleimeldingRené CédolinPierre FlamionFaruk HadžibegićJean-Marc FurlanDenis TrochLudovic BatelliPatrick RemyMohamed BradjaClaude RobinMohamed BradjaJean-Louis GarciaRRené PleimeldingPRené PleimeldingPPierre FlamionFPierre FlamionRRené CédolinCRené CédolinPPierre FlamionFPierre FlamionAlainAlain PerrinPerrinAlain PerrinFFaruk HadžibegićHFaruk HadžibegićJJean-Marc FurlanMJean-Marc FurlanFJean-Marc FurlanDDenis TrochTDenis TrochPPatrick RemyRPatrick RemyJean-Jean-Marc FurlanMarcJean-Marc FurlanFurlanJean-Marc FurlanJJean-Louis GarciaLJean-Louis GarciaGJean-Louis GarciaTroyes

Last 4 years

#15002014201520162017Mohamed BradjaClaude RobinJean-Jean-Marc FurlanMarcJean-Marc FurlanFurlanJean-Marc FurlanCClaude RobinRClaude RobinMohamedMohamed BradjaBradjaMohamed BradjaJean-Jean-Louis GarciaLouisJean-Louis GarciaGarciaJean-Louis GarciaTroyes



DateOpponentClubWinLossRankEloRankEloResultMatch Odds(Leg 1)DrawGameElo points won or lost from that gameElo +/-ΔEloElo points difference including Home Field AdvantageAdjAdjustments due to French results in Europe2-1361+96HFA: +69Clermont-17HFA: +72+8.8Saint-Étienne (2017-02-16): -3.6 Lyon (2017-02-16): +2.5 Paris SG (2017-02-14): +9.8 +17HFA: +77+99HFA: +62-92HFA: +68AAway00Fri, Jan 20th, 2017Strasbourg-117HFA: +72+65HFA: +64HHome+65HFA: +73--1.90Fri, Feb 17th, 2017Fri, Jan 27th, 20171459-Mon, Dec 19th, 20161421-7.4AAway--3.91452142014651413-29HFA: +65HHomeLe HavreOrleans046%28%26%1460Fri, Jan 13th, 2017+7.0AAway145540%32%28%+153HFA: +640Fri, Feb 10th, 2017224%30%47%12-1446151030%32%38%+90HFA: +621397HHomeFri, Oct 21st, 20160AAway47%29%24%+142HFA: +70AAwayFri, Nov 25th, 2016Tue, Nov 29th, 20160Fri, Nov 18th, 2016Fri, Feb 3rd, 20170+8.5+4.41-0.8Nice (2016-12-08): +2.0 Saint-Étienne (2016-12-08): +3.9 Lyon (2016-12-07): +0.2 Monaco (2016-12-07): -3.8 Paris SG (2016-12-06): -3.1 1471+2.8Nice (2016-11-24): -2.4 Saint-Étienne (2016-11-24): -0.8 Paris SG (2016-11-23): +0.6 Monaco (2016-11-22): +2.5 Lyon (2016-11-22): +2.8 1Lens-7.2-18HFA: +65HHome40142%28%30%-7.4Fri, Nov 4th, 2016HHome2132213901-38%28%35%Fri, Feb 24th, 2017Reims48%28%24%Ajaccio31%32%37%144513781438Bourg-PeronnasLaval-1460AAway14152-Tue, Feb 7th, 2017144353%27%20%1NîmesNiort11+3.1Nice (2016-11-03): -6.5 Saint-Étienne (2016-11-03): +1.6 Lyon (2016-11-02): +2.7 Monaco (2016-11-02): +3.2 Paris SG (2016-11-01): +2.1 -31HFA: +6955%25%20%131%32%37%52%28%20%Brest14411146914692Red StarAAway144730%31%39%Fri, Dec 9th, 2016-HHome+7.9-ToursAuxerre-20h00Berlin time-3.6Saint-Étienne (2017-02-22): -1.0 Monaco (2017-02-21): -2.7 1477-146522%27%52%+11.4Valenciennes1458-7.7+153HFA: +73+5.8HHomeAAway-12.014691446-1-1.848%28%24%Fri, Oct 28th, 2016HHome-+44HFA: +710+2.6-2313571451

Ligue 2 2016/17

Achieved: 40 points after 26 games, Projected: 56.8 points after 38 games.

0510152025303540455055606570758056.84026/38TroyesLikelyhood to finish withpoints thanGames playedExp Ptsmoreequalless7.5%2.6%89.9%65.426/3848Brest19.3%4.6%76.1%61.926/3842Reims34.1%5.9%60.0%59.026/3842Amiens33.9%6.2%59.9%58.926/3843Strasbourg38.8%6.4%54.9%58.126/3840Lens52.2%6.4%41.3%56.026/3838Nîmes66.9%5.5%27.6%53.526/3837Sochaux71.4%5.1%23.5%52.726/3835Gazélec76.1%4.8%19.2%52.026/3836Niort79.9%4.3%15.8%51.226/3833Le Havre84.8%3.4%11.8%49.826/3835Bourg-Peronnas93.2%1.9%4.9%47.326/3833Ajaccio92.9%2.0%5.2%47.126/3831Valenciennes94.5%1.6%3.9%46.226/3830Clermont98.3%0.6%1.1%43.126/3828Auxerre98.5%0.5%1.0%42.726/3828Red Star99.6%0.1%0.2%39.726/3827Orleans99.8%0.1%0.1%39.526/3824Laval100.0%0.0%0.0%34.826/3821Tours



Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
FRA Reims3146-48+61.5FRA Lyon3224-60-85.9
FRA Lille2827-36+59.2FRA Laval2419-26-61.4
FRA Rennes2435-33+50.9FRA Strasbourg2424-37-56.0
FRA Dijon1219-9+49.9FRA Sedan3037-54-55.4
FRA Amiens1723-12+49.5FRA Guingamp1812-24-54.5


Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
SLK Slovakian clubs26-2+4.9ENG English clubs25-6-3.6


Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
Elie Baup1415-16+46.0Patrick Remy75-12-43.6
Ladislau Bölöni611-7+45.1Guy Lacombe96-11-36.7
José Pasqualetti1422-10+43.9Michel Der Zakarian97-16-33.1
Paul Le Guen710-6+42.4Erick Mombaerts79-12-32.2
Pierre Flamion614-9+41.4Alex Dupont1011-14-31.6


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