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Coaches (active)
Games (Results - Fixtures)
EUR Europe
 UCL UCL (16 teams)⌀1864
 UEL UEL (16 teams)⌀1700
ESP Spain
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1725
 Level 2 (22 teams)⌀1534
GER Germany
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1710
 Level 2 (18 teams)⌀1484
ITA Italy
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1627
 Level 2 (22 teams)⌀1413
FRA France
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1622
  6 Paris SG1892
  18 Monaco1805
  33 Lyon1721
  34 Nice1721
  62 Saint-Étienne1673
  76 Marseille1650
  84 Bordeaux1633
  90 Montpellier1614
  94 Lille1611
 Level 2 (20 teams)⌀1431
ENG England
 Level 1 (20 teams)⌀1698
 Level 2 (24 teams)⌀1457
POR Portugal
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1493
UKR Ukraine
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1486
RUS Russia
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1572
NED Netherlands
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1443
BEL Belgium
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1505
TUR Turkey
 Level 1 (18 teams)⌀1480
SUI Switzerland
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1469
DEN Denmark
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1411
AUT Austria
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1481
GRE Greece
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1390
CZE Czechia
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1414
SCO Scotland
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1288
CRO Croatia
 Level 1 (10 teams)⌀1363
CYP Cyprus
ISR Israel
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1345
BUL Bulgaria
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1218
ROM Romania
 Level 1 (14 teams)⌀1402
SWE Sweden
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1344
POL Poland
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1353
NOR Norway
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1310
AZE Azerbaijan
SRB Serbia
BLR Belarus
 Level 1 (16 teams)⌀1232
SVN Slovenia
KAZ Kazakhstan
SLK Slovakia
HUN Hungary
 Level 1 (12 teams)⌀1229
MOL Moldova
FIN Finland
IRL Ireland
MAC Macedonia
ALB Albania
ISL Iceland
BHZ Bosnia-Herzegovina
LAT Latvia
GEO Georgia
MNT Montenegro
EST Estonia
LIT Lithuania
MLT Malta
LUX Luxembourg
ARM Armenia
NIR Northern Ireland
WAL Wales
GIB Gibraltar
FAR Faroe Islands
AND Andorra
SMR San Marino


Representing FRA France. Coach: Sérgio Conceição (since Dec 8th, 2016).
Elo: 1567 (Best: 1801, reached on May 18th, 1997), Rank: None (Best: 10, 5 days in total, last on Mar 7th, 1981)

#1500160017001800194619501954195819621966197019741978198219861990199419982002200620102014Aimé NuicAnton RaabAntoine GoriusAnton RaabStanislas StahoKarel MichlowskiMiroslav BlaževicÁngel MarcosLoïc AmisseSerge Le DizetGeorges EoMichel Der ZakarianJaphet N'DoramChristian LariépeElie BaupGernot RohrJean-Marc FurlanBaptiste GentiliPhilippe AnzianiLandry ChauvinRené GirardPhilippe MaoSérgio ConceiçãoAAimé NuicNAimé NuicAntonAnton RaabRaabAnton RaabAAntoine GoriusGAntoine GoriusÉÉmile VeinanteVÉmile VeinanteLLadislav DupalDLadislav DupalKKarel MichlowskiMKarel MichlowskiJoséJosé ArribasArribasJosé ArribasJeanJean VincentVincentJean VincentJean-Jean-Claude SuaudeauClaudeJean-Claude SuaudeauSuaudeauJean-Claude SuaudeauMMiroslav BlaževicBMiroslav BlaževicJean-Jean-Claude SuaudeauClaudeJean-Claude SuaudeauSuaudeauJean-Claude SuaudeauRRaynald DenoueixDRaynald DenoueixÁÁngel MarcosMÁngel MarcosLLoïc AmisseALoïc AmisseSSerge Le DizetLSerge Le DizetDSerge Le DizetMMichel Der ZakarianDMichel Der ZakarianZMichel Der ZakarianPPhilippe AnzianiAPhilippe AnzianiLLandry ChauvinCLandry ChauvinMMichel Der ZakarianDMichel Der ZakarianZMichel Der ZakarianSSérgio ConceiçãoCSérgio ConceiçãoNantes

Last 4 years

#2014201520162017Philippe MaoMichelMichel Der ZakarianDerMichel Der ZakarianZakarianMichel Der ZakarianRenéRené GirardGirardRené GirardSSérgio ConceiçãoCSérgio ConceiçãoNantes



DateOpponentClubWinLossRankEloRankEloResultMatch Odds(Leg 1)DrawGameElo points won or lost from that gameElo +/-ΔEloElo points difference including Home Field AdvantageAdjAdjustments due to French results in Europe1--22%31%47%AAway1+11.4Fri, Dec 16th, 2016-13.7Toulouse15671595-Lyon1-HHome01805AAway-225HFA: +71-114HFA: +72-18HFA: +72159822%30%49%26-1542-0AAway-1+2.8Nice (2016-11-24): -2.4 Saint-Étienne (2016-11-24): -0.8 Paris SG (2016-11-23): +0.6 Monaco (2016-11-22): +2.5 Lyon (2016-11-22): +2.8 AAway1556Sat, Dec 3rd, 2016NancyHHomeLilleWed, Nov 30th, 2016HHome-102HFA: +66115220102Wed, Mar 1st, 2017Sun, Mar 5th, 2017Angers15%24%61%158689GuingampWed, Jan 18th, 2017Sun, Feb 12th, 201743%31%25%15351153077AAway-Dijon045%31%24%1534Sat, Nov 19th, 20161886-6.7-1.61536+16.1021514-0.8Nice (2016-12-08): +2.0 Saint-Étienne (2016-12-08): +3.9 Lyon (2016-12-07): +0.2 Monaco (2016-12-07): -3.8 Paris SG (2016-12-06): -3.1 20%29%51%42%33%24%Monaco-4.41853-145HFA: +66CaenRennes1560AAway-+3.2+1.53-112HFA: +7131%31%38%Paris SG1703156721h00Berlin time35%33%32%1555AAwayHHome-13.8-415HFA: +6415561+6.61601153933%30%37%-16451561Metz155024%33%42%39Sat, Jan 21st, 2017Sat, Jan 28th, 2017+8.5+8.6-2.3Lyon (2017-02-23): +1.3 Saint-Étienne (2017-02-22): -1.0 Monaco (2017-02-21): -2.7 Bastia21%29%50%-119HFA: +71HHome1548+8.8Saint-Étienne (2017-02-16): -3.6 Lyon (2017-02-16): +2.5 Paris SG (2017-02-14): +9.8 0Paris SGHHome2Fri, Feb 24th, 2017-226%32%42%5%14%81%8%18%74%19h30Berlin time+9.1---53HFA: +74-Sat, Nov 26th, 201615590Sat, Jan 14th, 201726%29%45%11557-63HFA: +74Montpellier1539-312HFA: +74162106-32HFA: +71HHome+60HFA: +722HHome0018Wed, Dec 21st, 20160Sun, Feb 5th, 20171562+2HFA: +65AAway+62HFA: +67Sat, Feb 18th, 2017+88HFA: +77Marseille1553-0.03

Ligue 1 2016/17

Achieved: 33 points after 26 games, Projected: 46.5 points after 38 games.

0510152025303540455055606570758085909546.53326/38NantesLikelyhood to finish withpoints thanGames playedExp Ptsmoreequalless0.0%0.0%100.0%84.026/3859Monaco0.0%0.0%100.0%83.526/3856Paris SG0.0%0.0%100.0%77.027/3859Nice0.3%0.2%99.5%63.126/3843Lyon3.6%1.5%94.9%57.026/3839Saint-Étienne3.7%1.6%94.7%56.626/3839Marseille6.9%2.5%90.6%55.126/3839Bordeaux28.4%5.8%65.8%49.526/3834Guingamp28.5%6.1%65.4%49.326/3834Toulouse31.0%6.2%62.8%48.926/3833Rennes41.8%6.6%51.6%47.227/3832Montpellier49.8%6.9%43.3%46.026/3833Metz56.9%6.3%36.7%44.926/3829Lille72.4%5.3%22.4%42.526/3830Angers81.2%4.2%14.6%40.726/3828Caen84.5%3.8%11.7%40.226/3827Nancy88.5%3.1%8.4%39.227/3827Dijon91.2%2.4%6.5%37.825/3823Bastia96.8%1.0%2.1%34.826/3822Lorient



Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
FRA Lens78121-67+142.8FRA Marseille8085-107-105.3
FRA Saint-Étienne81117-91+129.8FRA Guingamp2923-29-79.9
FRA Lyon85128-101+107.9FRA Monaco93114-129-77.0
FRA Angers4570-36+94.1FRA Montpellier4357-52-67.5
FRA Strasbourg72129-76+51.4FRA Metz8698-84-65.9


Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
RUS Russian clubs1019-10+42.9ESP Spanish clubs66-12-39.0
NED Dutch clubs24-1+12.0GER German clubs42-8-32.9
SUI Swiss clubs413-6+11.4DEN Danish clubs69-7-29.1
POL Polish clubs23-2+11.1ENG English clubs87-20-28.9
SLK Slovakian clubs27-0+9.0ITA Italian clubs1013-19-25.2


Strong againstGamesGoalsElo PointsWeak againstGamesGoalsElo Points
Albert Batteux1022-17+66.0Gérard Banide1522-21-56.1
Claude Puel2427-28+61.3Mario Zatelli910-19-55.0
Lucien Jasseron715-3+50.6Christian Gourcuff1211-19-52.7
Robert Herbin3042-30+49.1Victor Zvunka109-12-47.1
Pierre Cahuzac1926-6+44.9Michel Mézy1315-19-46.7


Games in last 4 yearsAll games on record